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Project Description

Your work on this project will increase your understanding of the field you might enter upon graduation, and, most importantly, your knowledge of how best to prepare yourself for that career, both academically and personally. If you have not yet chosen a career, this project will allow you to investigate a career option. Of course, there is also the possibility that you may decide the career you have chosen is not the one most appropriate or satisfying to you; if this happens, the project will still have served a valuable purpose. You will write a report on your findings. It must contain the following:

  • Four to six single spaced pages, typed reporting the information you learned about your field. The report needs to be in business report format. You need to include a chart listing at least ten different jobs you could obtain with your degree.  You need to include another chart and list out at least three different career paths you could take with your degree. (include the steps)
  • Use the report format found in Chapter 18, including an Introduction, Findings, and Summary/Conclusions/Recommendations.
  • Recommendation section, talk about what your next steps should be; what you learned about yourself and your career, etc.
  • Internally cite your sources, even if you paraphrase. If you do not, then I consider that plagiarism.


Project Tools

Adobe InDesign CC

Advanced Website Component: Adobe Muse CC

Project Timeline


Class Activities



Learn about writing strategies in the workplace

1. Discuss workplace writing

2. Introduce project

1. Decide on a the career path that you want to research


Familiarize students with Adobe software programs that they can use in a project

1. Show examples of career reports

2. Introduce and demonstrate InDesign

3. Group work with InDesign

1. Choose the person you want to interview and set up interview

2. Find one good example of a career path chart/field map


Understand strong interview and research skills

1. Teach interview skills

2. Practice group interviews

1. Read Chapter 18

2. Start your career path chart


Understand strong interview and research skills

1. Teach research skills

2. Analyze types of research

1. Bring in four sources

2. Annotate each source (tell us why you chose it)


Analyze rhetoric in the workplace

1. Look at examples of workplace rhetoric

2. Discuss your project in groups

Finalize project; refer to Project Guidelines


(due date)

Assess the project

Present projects