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Project Description

This assignment requires students to develop an extended argument using multimodal composition strategies (visual, textual, audio, tactile). Examples of the form your multimodal argument can take are: op-ads, photo-essay, website, remix, collage/montage, video, podcast, mp3 file(s), blog, or other multi-media combinations. It will be important to decide on your topic, create a plan, then organize, and structure your project according to effective argumentative and design principles you are learning in this course. You will therefore need to consider your rhetorical choices in whatever medium you choose.


Your topic, then, will need to be something easily discussed in a non-written form and the medium of choice must logically fit with the topic. In order to guide you in what I am sure will be uncharted territory, examples of topics might include how the rhetorical situation fits a real-world scenario or how a video game, or some other object, is a composing process. This is your chance to be creative, so use it and enjoy it.


Projects will be evaluated on the overall quality of the argument and of the design as well as the creativity and effort needed to produce a final product comparable to a 2000-word traditional essay. (The project does not need to include 2000 words but should represent an equal amount of work.) Additionally, you will present your project to the class in a 7-minute presentation. You will also want to be sure to give credit for any sources you use to support your argument in

the medium you choose (i.e. visuals, music, research, etc.).


Project Tools

Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe Muse CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Premiere CC

Project Timeline


Class Activities



Examine multimodal strategies and their important to this class

1. Discuss multimodal rhetoric and it’s similarities/differences to essay writing

2. Discuss motivations for using multimodal strategies

3. Introduce project

Decide on a topic for this project


Familiarize students with Adobe software programs that they can use in a project

1. Show examples of multimodal works

2. Introduce and demonstrate Premiere

1. Explore Premiere

2. Decide on your project and create a proposal to turn in


Familiarize students with more Adobe software programs that they can use in a project

1. Introduce Photoshop and demonstrate

2. Introduce Muse and demonstrate (maybe guest speaker)

Create an outline of tasks for this project and timeline for completing those tasks


Learn how rhetoric is used in digital media

1. Show more multimodal examples, specifically digital

2. Analyze digital media examples

Finalize project and begin work on presentation


Learn how rhetoric is used in print multimodal print media

1. Discuss non-digital media examples

2. Analyze those examples

Work on presentation and revise project


(due date)

Assess the project

Present projects