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11.30.12 - Available Means Collaborative Update

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Since we've conducted most of our updates verbally with Dr. Blakesley, we've been remiss about updating them on the blog. So, here's our mega update.

Jillian and Abby created templates for the iBooks Author version of The Available Means early in November. We worked from one of the existing templates and adapted it to the needs of the text. We formatted each chapter page template with a horizontal image that runs across the top of the page. We plan to use different sections from the image from the book's cover along the top of each chapter page.

Strategy Behind Making Books Free

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O'Reilly has to have a strategy. I think his strategy is similarly different to what Mod discussed when he made the content of Art Space Tokyo free via the website. However, their strategies differ in that Mod's free content is only available via the website. To gain access to a book version of Art Space Tokyo, you need to purchase it. O'Reilly's giving his formatted copy away for free. So he has to have some reason for doing, meaning it has paid off or he thinks it will. So, my initial thought on the sustainability of "gift economies" is that it is possible.

10.29.12 - Individual Project Update

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I've divided my progress into several categories to help organize my work thus far. Previously, I've listed 2 types of audiences for my e-book. I've decided to shift my focus toward my MAPC faculty committee for the time being. As such, I plan to use my e-book portfolio to showcase the competencies I need to demonstrate to graduate from the MAPC program. They are:

Knowing My Own Limitations

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Reading through Girard's review had me categorizing and noting things I should be aware of moving forward in my work with iBooks Author. Sadly, I find that I'll be limited in more ways than I expected to be... I'm tempted to administer a System Usability Scale (SUS) to evaluate iBooks Author and see how well it performs. Either that, or I've been spending too much time working on usability studies.

Notes to self:

Creating an Ecology

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It seems that platforming is about creating an ecology--a networked system that "[extends] the content indefinitely in more organic ways" (Mod). With platforming, EPUB versions aren't better than a searchable PDF or the physical paper book. Each representation of the book can be used the complement others. The strengths of different platforms can be used in conjunction with one another to create an ecology.

Hesitating over the Unfamiliar and Unknown

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On Friday, my students and I went to Cooper Library. I asked them to find 2 books on their research topic from the library to help them learn to navigate the database and call numbers. Two of my students found e-books on their topic. One was excited--partially because navigating call numbers and the first floor of Cooper overwhelmed him--that he could read it on his laptop. Another student found an e-book available through Cooper but still used InterLibrary Loan to request a hard copy of it. Why this discrepancy?