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Group Project Log- WPA Outcome Statements: A Semester Later

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We are FINALLY finishing up this group project! The epub has been completed (big thanks to Sam), and I am currently
working on uploading the ibooks format to DropBox. In class today, Rob and I added the final touches: pictures, font
changed, etc. Hopefully everything will be a success at the showcase Thursday after such hard work!

Project Log #5: Taking Strides in Exercise

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I've made a great deal of progress in these last few days. Last night I was up until 3 a.m. working on this project! It has seemed
like every time I have attempted to work on iBooks Author before, I get frustrated like I mentioned in the last post. I saw "Mr. F's"
post about the 3D images. This is one area where I wasted a lot of time. I wanted to find a 3D, interactive image of a human
heart to include in the "Basic" section to help explain some main points. This search was unsuccessful after an hour. I also

Project Log #4:

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I was planning to work on iBooks Author quite a bit over Thanksgiving break, but of course this did not happen with a large
family and a paper due today. In these next two weeks, I have a lot to accomplish, and I plan to start NOW! I have created a
checklist of things to do:

1) Make the video for the opening media into a usable file. Currently, it is a .wmv file, but Dr. Blakesley said he will be able to
convert this file using a computer in the lab. I will make sure to ask him about this tomorrow in class.

Group Project Log: WPA Outcomes

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Before Thanksgiving break, our group attempted to meet Tuesday 11/20 to work on our group project. I arrived at 10 am
and was told that the lab would be shutting down in 20 minutes until noon. Seeing as we all had to be someone for break, this
obviously did not work. Our meeting was unsuccessful.

WPA Outcomes Statement Becomes Exciting

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Craig Mod’s video started out with an interesting anecdote about reading The Stranger by Camus in a foreign country. He was at a hotel and took out his book to read it. The lady next to him also took out her book to read, and she too was reading The Stranger. He felt connected with this stranger. On the other hand, consider this same incident but with a Kindle; the romanticism vanishes. Because the Kindle can carry many books many miles, there is no longer this coincidental chance. Physical books have memories and figurative parallels. Many people have an issue with giving these up.

The Pros and Cons of iBooks Author

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This article presented several ideas that will be useful in the development of my book project, especially since I don’t know much about iBooks Author in the first place. For example, I learned a lot about layout. Not all pages in a specific section must have the same layout. This will give me some versatility and allow me to create visual appeal to my pages. I also like that there are word processor features such as spell check, chart creation, tables, etc. Other nifty features include the PDF support for images, the availability of widgets, video content, and the 3D content.

The History, The Fetish

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Lee Bessette describes reading a printed piece of writing as a “thrill.” When she received the book with her article in the mail in printed form, she was very excited, as most people would be. I have to admit, I would be more excited to receive an article I published in hardcopy form rather than digital. This “print fetish” or “lingering hegemony of print” is a key component to what we are examining in our class. It is as though it is a phenomenon. Why are people so reluctant to accept this new form of technology when every other piece of innovative technology takes off in this society?

Project Log #2: Tweaks

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I have began collecting images and other forms of media for my project. However, after I met with Dr. Blakesley, he suggested I narrow the scope of my audience in order to make it less comprehensive. He suggested I focus on a particular lifestyle or activity. He gave me the example of reading books. How can I create a fitness magazine for people who love reading books? How can this activity be incorporated into every aspect of health?

When You Wish Upon a Book

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Steven Michel's article, "When You Wish Upon a Book," lays out his wish list from his Amazon account. The list includes over 600 titles from as far back as May 2001. He touches on a few of the books on his wish list that he'll probably never read such as "Eat, Pray, Love" and many other "embarrassing" titles that are offered up to the public. Rather than browsing the bookstores, he mainly just window shops and adds the books he sees to his wish list. He humorously claims that he put Borders out of business singlehandedly.