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Group Project Log 6: Adding Content

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These are the tasks we want to finish up this week.

Finish audio recordings
Add to text, copy and paste beige bar
Add book covers, pictures
Add hyperlinks to author/book/subject Wikipedia pages, Goodreads pages, full-text versions on or Project Gutenburg
Check indenting
Check italics on citations
Rename Section/Chapter names

Add border on front matter
Ask about video
Add audio recording to preface
Find out the picture situation

Group Project Log 5: Fixing Formatting and Adding Content

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Caroline, Meagan, and Chelsie have all of the text flowed into the iBook. We have been going through, fixing the formatting on any poetry/literature excerpts and adding hyperlinks and image content into the book.

We have also compiled lists of all the hyperlinks and images we want to include in the text.

We feel very confident in our layout/design.

Our ePub came out great! Just a few TOC and chapter break issues to clean up in Sigil.

Everything seems to be shaping up nicely!

Individual Project Log 7: Formatting and Adding Assets

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I've gotten just about all the text flowed into iBooks Author. Thankfully, I was able to preserve most of the source formatting by using the "paste and retain formatting" feature. I just need to go through and double-check my indents and bullets/numbering (which were, sadly, not preserved).

More good news: I was able to copy and paste the diagram images from the text directly from InDesign to iBooks Author! I was afraid that I would have to manually convert each one to an image file or something.

Group Project Log 4: Flowing the Text

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We've made lots of progress so far! We've got about 1/3 of the text flowed into our template. We have to go back through and tweak the formatting and add our hyperlinks and images. We're also waiting on the editors of the print version for any additional content they want to include. They've had some great ideas!

We feel really good about our progress so far. :)

individual Project Log 5: Refining the Prototype and Creating More Assets

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Here's what I did:

Gathered the creative commons music for the videos
Created 3 HTML5 widgets
Revised the book template
Created 3 versions of a Chapter 1 prototype
Ironed out most of the kinks in the template formatting

Here's what I need to do:
Iron out the kinks in my HTML5 widgets
Record the audio recordings
Create 5 additional HTML5 widgets
Create 3-5 Camtasia videos

iBooks Author Simple and Frustrating

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iBooks author has some great features. 1) The interface is fairly easy to use. It looks similar to PowerPoint and employs mainly drag-n-drop for inserting media. Some of the automatic features like locking images and snaplines are surprisingly intuitive. 2) I like the formatting options available for images and shapes. Being able to change the opacity and layering is a nice option. 3) You can make a really nice looking book in a really short amount of time, no coding needed. (Although, sometimes the formatting doesn't translate as well as you think it will. . . .)

Group Project Log 2: Compiling Assets and Creating Templates

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Meagan, Caroline, and Chelsie have started going through the text and making a list of possible assets. Many of the assets are links to outside content: articles on different authors, Goodreads reviews of the books, etc. Because of the nature of the book, assets such as videos and quizzes do not seem to be a good fit.

The group has set up a meeting on 10/22 to finish storyboards/templates. This is also when most of the assets will be collected/compiled.