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Individual Project Log 4: Finishing Prototypes and Starting Digital Assets

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I have finishing compiling the images for my digital assets. I did not, however, have a chance to finish compiling the music. I have a video prototype, HTML5 widget, and a sound clip ready for approval. I've also rechecked the image sizes of the graphics in my completed template.

Everything is coming along well!

Here are my goals for this weekend:

1. Finish finding sound clips
2. Complete at least 5 HTML5 widgets
3. Complete at least 3 videos

A Self-Awareness I Can Respect

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Bessette has a refreshingly honest opinion of the book fetish--she recognizes it, battles it, and embraces it. If the book fetish is going to be eradicated, I think we have to recognize it as a fetish. The funny thing is, while the author claims to be bound by the print fetishism that dominates her field, she seems (to me) to have a fairly balanced view of print and digital texts. Bessette's appreciation for seeing her book in print appears to be mainly derived from the privilege academia affords print. Her use of digital media, however, is quite substantial.

Curating an Electronic Library

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I was particularly struck by Craig Mod's discussion of scarcity and boundaries. I hadn't considered the way we as readers/consumers/curators try to reconcile the vastness of hyperspace with a contained unit of physicality. The example of Mod's Kindle single spoke to this tendency. It's true that I am generally reluctant to claim "ownership" of website content, even though I can Instapaper or Pocket it.

Individual Project Log 3: Creating Prototypes

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What have I done?
I have finished compiling and refining my list of 211 digital assets. Some of those assets are illustrations taken from the print text. The rest of the assets are videos, audio recordings, and HTML5 widgets. Additionally, I have compiled almost all of the image files needed for those assets.

I've also created prototypes for my audio recordings and HTML5 widgets.

Group Project Log 1: Assigning Roles and Gathering Assets

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Meagan, Caroline, and Chelsie have begun a Pinterest pinboard to collect ideas for the overall look/layout of the iBook. Because Meagan has graphic design experience, she is putting together some prototypes for page designs based on our ideas and the existing cover of the book. She is also going to identify possible font and color schemes.

To begin making a list of possible assets, we've divided up the text into thirds. After a tentative list is compiled, Caroline and Chelsie are going to start compiling assets and downloading them into the Dropbox folder.

Project Log 2: Evaluating Digital Assets and Creating Prototypes

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I have already compiled a tentative list of digital assets by chapter. I would like to go through and reevaluate some of the choices I previously made.

I am also going to create prototypes for the different types of digital assets: videos, audio recordings, animations, and quizzes. I have gathered many of the image and sound files I need to complete these projects. I still need to find a few free images.

Reluctance to use digital resources

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I was initially drawn to the "Students Find E-Textbooks ‘Clumsy’ and Don’t Use Their Interactive Features" article because my thesis research is exploring this very issue. While numerous studies have shown that electronic resources such as videos and animations help students learn, other studies have continued to show that students don't use or like these resources. Furthermore, few studies have observed real students using actual textbooks to see what their behaviors are.

Oooo, something shiny!

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As much as I want to champion all things digital, the question of attention/generation-text always gets me! I legitimately have no argument against this issue. It is happening all around us. Willingness of readers to invest themselves into a full-length book is waning. The article mentions a number of grievous examples of this--abridged texts and blurb-based reviews.

Romano poses a question: How will academia react to this shift? History has shown that these types of issues often have a polarizing effect, forcing the academy to adopt a more extreme position.

Project Log 1: Getting Started

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My individual project is an iBooks version of The Uses of Grammar. The biggest job I will need to complete for this text will be building the video assets. I am planning to complete all of these videos as screencasts in both Camtasia and Doceri. I have already created a few prototypes that I will be refining into the final videos.

My project also involves creating HTML5 widgets with Hype. I have created a prototype for this as well. While these widgets are fairly simple to create, each one takes time to assemble.