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Fetishism: Old-World Romantic Seeking Partner to Correspond Through Letters Only

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I am continually surprised by the reluctance of readers (especially those of my generation) to embrace the electronic book. I swear I've heard all of the responses mentioned in the "Of Two Minds" article, my favorite being "the smell of the paper." Seriously? I have never understood an obsession with musty paper and crumbling glue. I guess I was the only kid at the library who liked to request collection purchases just so I could get the book before any other patrons.

Project Proposal

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My individual project is going to be an iBooks version of The Uses of Grammar by Rodby and Winterowd, published by Parlor Press. The text uses a rhetorical framework to discuss a range of grammar/usage topics.

The interactive elements of the iBook will include audio recordings, live video recordings, Camtasia video recordings, review quizzes, and HTML5 widgets. All of the digital assets will be created specifically for this project using volunteer actors and creative commons media. The HTML5 widgets will be created using Tumult Hype.

Director's Cut Ebooks

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Reading Bob Stein's account of his involvement in the history of ebooks was incredibly fascinating. I was struck by the close association of early ebooks with film and the forerunner of DVD extras. Stein also addresses this relationship in his Q&A about the future of the book. The ebook had its roots in a media-rich collection of "extras," then migrated more and more toward a traditional print text, and is now slowly making its way back toward multimedia.