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Change of Plans, Peeps! (Individual Project Log 4)

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Great news (and actually, this is great news), my ebook is taking a completely different turn. Due to way more issues than I have fingers, I have transferred my initial interactive magazine into a Mayberry inspired vegetarian cookbook for family and friends to learn and enjoy. Coming from a family of once vegan but now just plant friendly people, my younger sister and I will connect our vegetarian dishes and the iPad to make a baller (and most importantly healthy) cookbook.

Giving When it Matters

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Acknowledging the obvious perk of O'Reily's work, it's freeness, I think its considerable to give the audience an easily accessible education. In fact, I believe that every software should come with some sort of how-to manual without cost. Shouldn't software creators understand that not everyone will know the ins and outs of said program; such works that help us uncover the short cuts, allowing for a better final product, should always be available.

It's FREE?!

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In order to move beyond the beloved print and get over the oversize speed bump that stands int eh way of literature innovation, we might need to make it a fad. While I see many older citizens reading eReaders in coffee shops, libraries, public transportation, etc., the younger generation staggers behind wondering why on earth our grandmothers and tapping, and we're still making dog ears.

Lookin' Good there, Burke

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This evening, Chelsie, Meagan, and I got together to work on the templates we'd like to use in our Burke ebook- dare I say it, they are riveting. Just kidding. But not really. Things are looking good! With a complied list of assets and outline of where we hope to develop, our group is organizing things into dropbox folders and has planned out the next 7 weeks of the project- I think we all agree that the more consistent until the end of the semester, the better!

Writers: Jumpin' from a Platform Here?

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This platform is going to do more than give those who buy books alternative routes to the text, it will (God willing) spread knowledge like wildfire... if things go according to Mod's plan and this marketing tool engages other publishers. To take a purchased text and offer it to others via internet or Ereader is one thing, but I think this pushes the narrative of the platform forward and poses the notion that sharing with a friend who did not purchase the text will happen. They could enter an internet access code and viola, weekly reading!

Libraries... They Could Live in the Cloud!?

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Barbara Fister's article, "The End of the Twilight of Doom" gave insight into the extermination of public (and private) libraries. The article poses that most people who read, are ultimately going further in life. I'm thinking bookworm is a superhero cape, innovative with a hit of pizzaz. Claiming that most readers are more educated, active, better citizens, and overall better individuals that patronize the arts, there is no question that the importance of libraries will have a greater effect than that which would take away a communal place to rent and enjoy books. Yet....

Why Ebooks Won't Rule The Earth

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I wanted to read "Why eBooks Won't Rule the Earth" to equalize the opinionated articles we have been reading; I feel like we've read more pro eBook than anti, which makes sense, of course. The author here made a point with regards to the appreciation of signatures: there is a special exchange that comes with meeting a favored writer and reaping the benefits of their ole John Hancock. Even more interesting is the plethora of books that will surpass the ebook and move on to the future form, that which we haven't seen yet, all together.

Log: Week 7

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As we head into week 7 of the semester, I'm heading into this week as that which really gets the rest of the project set up for success.

After talking with Dr. B last week, I know that I need not focus on gathering new material with regards to images, visuals, etc., but emphasize the old material already accumulated and go from there. I'm excited to get into the MATRF this week and begin the process with a plan in tow!

Log 1: Revised Project Proposal

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This past week, I began to second guess my initial idea of converting a specific magazine to Ebook; everyone seems to have awesome material/ideas to sort through but I'm going to attempt to get crafty with the magazine I edited and published during my internship this summer. Long live the first idea, I hope you all (as well as my boss?) find it interesting! To improve the magazine and make a valid push forward, I want to do way more than just convert our July issue of Inventors Digest from print to digital; I would love to share my experience throughout the summer as well.