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Bye for now Burke

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We presented our collaborative iBook today! We used this week to tie up some last minute details with audio and images (making sure they were public domain, etc). We were really excited with how the book turned out and complimented the print copy that was available. We all agreed that if we had more time we would try and figure out how to format the table of contents a little differently and collect more assets regarding Burke's history. We have also been in touch with the editors of "Equipment for Living"- they mentioned putting together a video clip.

Individual Project Update

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The presentation for the president's council went well, they were all very interested in our projects and the power of the technology that we were using. So now it's just a matter of finishing up the pages. I have a few last minute images/tickets to scan in and photoshop. Excited to see the final product!

Where's the Catch?

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Free books are alway good, but peruse the kindle store for the free books & it's either books that are project Gutenberg-esq or books that you don't even want to read. You have to hunt for the diamond in the rough. But with a large publisher releasing a free book like this- people's attention is piqued and the publisher now has the reader's attention. When you just google "oreilly iBooks" the first link is the one posted on the blog. You have the option to add the book to your cart at a price of $0.00. Nifty.

Individual Project Log

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In order to move my individual project forward, I've continued to scan in tickets and other images from my time in Italy. I've started to organize everything into the cities I want to highlight. So far it's looking like:

Sauze d' oulx

I also want small sections on the train system and how the airports work in Italy as well. I've also gone through my travel notebooks and pulled out the "things I wish I had known."

Hooked on iBooks?

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Even with the corporate limitations of iBooks Author, the free program allows users to create their own publications to be viewed on their iPads. On a small scale it allows for individuals to share their photographs, portfolios, stories, and anything else in digital format with other individuals. But on a larger scale it allows individuals to digitally publish and share their work with a larger body of people. They can potentially profit from their work. Outside of the accessibility, iBooks Author lets the user to customize their presentation to whatever level they want.

Just Platforms in a Digital Ocean

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Platforming a book is how to transition through different useable forms- through a blog, app, print (in any order). Mod gives a brief history lesson on how his work "Art Space Tokyo" evolved through its different forms. I think it's interesting that its 'home' is online-not in print! This is huge. So much of our discussion so far this semester has dealt with books transitioning from print to digital- but now it can live online and in print with seemingly less tension.

Week 7 Individual Project Log

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After talking to Dr. B last week I decided to narrow the focus of my travel guide to just Italy instead of all 9 countries I visited. I definitely agreed with his suggesting, this way I will be able to deliver 1st hand advice without seeming sporadic. Dr. B pointed out that not everyone is going to take the same exact backpacking route that I did, but that people could pick and choose cities in Italy they wanted to visit and use my notes to accent their trip.

Back to Basics?

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I read the Chronicle article, "Students Find E-Textbooks ‘Clumsy’ and Don’t Use Their Interactive Features' by Angela Chen. The article describes several universities that have bought etexbooks and allow the students to use them for a lab fee. Teachers opt into this form of textbook instead of sending their students for the bookstore in the traditional sense. However, Chen describes that students aren't the new books in the way educators had hoped. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the school to train teachers to use the ebooks and extra features.