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Project Completed - Available Means of Persuasion

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Our iba and ibook are uploaded to the Completed Books folder of Dropbox. Today we formatted the Title page, proofread the ibook for errors, and changed the pagination to reflect the paperback book. Yesterday we changed the figure notes beneath images to captions in order to maintain consistency and reduce fluctuation of the body text. The images within the table of contents were loaded and formatted. We appreciate the continued support of our professor who let us keep the current layout of our table of contents.

A generation born digital

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Yet another article about the decline of books because fo the rise of technology. However, the focus on the world of academia vs. economics and publishing techniques is more intriguing. I can relater to the change in and around universities because I am currently part of one. I am immersed in this specific culture, so I can see the points that the author makes more clearly. I agree that course work has changed. This class for instance has us reading articles and doing blog posts, rather than reading books and writing multiple-page, well thought out papers.

Individual Project Idea

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My goal is to create a downloadable ebook that will guide primarily incoming students through Clemson University's campus. It can be used on guided tours, at orientation, or for finding out where your classes are. The secondary audience for the book will be to casual visitors of the campus who wish to have their own electronic tour guide.