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Endangered Lofties

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Wachtell thinks “long-form” texts are vitally important because “for centuries have been the primary vehiclethrough which creative, illuminating, controversial, and important ideas have been communicated.” She is absolutely 100 percent correct! Books are the world’s database. Everything that we know about this Earth has been written in a book at some point for the sole purpose of preserving the knowledge and information.

Ebook Haters

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The “lingering hegemony of print” is so persistent because the printed book has been in existence for an incredible amount of time. It is unreasonable for people to think that society should immediately switch to a different form. I have grown up reading printed books, and I have begun to feel the pressure for ebooks intensifying.

Pioneering E-Books

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WOW! Bob Stein is the pioneer of all pioneers for the eBook. I was taken by complete surprise about how long Stein had been working on the technology that concerns eBooks. I found it interesting that the first composition he wanted to put on a LaserDisc was the Encyclopedia. What a great idea, but very tough to start off on. Stein seemed to always be one step ahead of his competitors. For instance, when VHS was exploding, he was working with CD-Roms. This is amazing to me that he could have so much foresight in this industry.

stephen johnson-robert dibenedetto

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The most interesting thing I learned about ebooks is how damn easy they are. A person can literally have almost any book he desires in a matter of minutes depending on the quality of internet connection he has.

Many of Johnson’s predictions have come true. The scariest thing is that my Grandfather and Grandmother both have ebooks and love them! It is amazing how fast the invention has caught on even in the oldest generations alive.