Topic Proposal for Individual Project

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I want to create a children’s book that will allow children to both read the content and see the actions happening on the page in front of them. Having no idea what’s possible with my limited knowledge and the time available, I’m not sure completely what I’m going to do in my book. I think it would be fun, however, if I were able to create an e-book version of a children’s book that I came up with a year or two ago. The book involves rain, so I think it would be really cool if I could simulate rain falling through a sound recording and through illustrating it and having it move on the page. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I think it would make a good children’s book. I also might include a video of someone describing the water cycle, as my book is focused on covering that concept. I also considered transforming one of my favorite children’s books into the e-book format, since I have not seen it available and I would love to rediscover the book.



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Example to check out

Hey Heather! You should check out the eBook "The Heart and The Bottle" by Oliver Jeffers. It's a children's book and the interactive iPad version is really awesome; it has sound effects and interactive elements. The story itself is worth checking out outside of the interactive nature.

Here's a video about the book- pretty interesting!

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With children books, I would

With children books, I would really play up the sound effects. It seems like every toy these days makes a noise, usually loud and annoyingly, but a noise nonetheless. I like the idea of if it's raining in the book then have it project the sound of a rainstorm. Or you could even make images interactive with sound. Like they could read a page and on the adjacent page could be a drawing of one of the characters or scene. And if they touch the image, it would produce a sound or say a quote they read from the page. I really like the idea of interactive children books and I think this idea is really cool!