Project Log: 3D Objects

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I spent some time over Thanksgiving break looking for premade 3D images that I could include in my iBook; having messed around with 3D modeling in high school I know it would take too much time to do it myself (plus I don't have the software anymore). Due to the fact that iBooks Author only accepts 3D files of the COLLADA format my search was made somewhat difficult; the Google-search of 3D images, called "3D Warehouse", has an extensive collection of files but most are incompatible. Eventually my search led me to, which is a repository of miscellaneous, Creative Commons licensed 3D models, all in COLLADA. I was overjoyed. The objects look very cool when you place them in an iBook and rotate them with your finger gestures-- I think being able to interact with clues will add an important element of interactivity to my mystery novel.



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Ah I've been trying to work

Ah I've been trying to work with 3D as well, but I gave up after searching for over an hour. I tried your site. This has great stuff, but unfortunately it doesn't have what I was looking for. Thanks for you insight though! I'm glad I wasn't the only one struggling

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This resource is perfect for a mystery story, especially if you have to find a clue on the object to move on or to understand what is happening. This combined with a choose your own path story would be cool because each object could lead you to a choice that leads you to your fate.