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Over break I worked a lot on ibook author. I used keynote to make several slide shows for my book. These will enable children to look further into each artifact if they want. I am going to be making the voice clips and videos this week. I have scripts written for them all, and a friend who will be the "actor" in them for me. I have most of the layouts done for the pages. I think that I have three left to create as long as none of my plans change. I need to gather a few more pictures to complete the book. I also need to figure out what I am going to do with my sounds that I want to put into the book. I need to figure out copy right laws on music



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Children's Show

Anytime you can "talk" to children readers, you should take advantage like on many children's programs. You can ask questions, and then have an answer a few seconds later (if I understand what your are doing with your project).