10.18.12 - Available Means Collaborative Project Update

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Jillian shared possible ideas for layouts. She compiled screen shots in a Word document and uploaded it to our group Drop Box for later ideas when we create our templates. She will continue to look for ideas. Mike suggested using the search term "web design layout."

Abby perused various figures and content of Available Means to consider how we might enhance current assets and add more assets. As a group we discussed adding Ridolfo's 2003 FTAA Protest video, which we were able to locate online (thanks to Ridolfo's YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOK1ofGHXRc). For Figures 3-5 in Available Means, we're hoping to add color call outs to certain areas of the figures to help connect each figure to the text as much as possible. Abby will experiment with how to add color call outs.

In terms of adding more assets, we're unsure how to proceed without talking to the authors. Since the cover photo was taken in Vegas, we are thinking of finding other images from Vegas to use as assets. We also wondered if pictures of the lights from Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. We might also consider images from Atlantic City and Reno.

Mike plans to find an image/asset for each Case in the book to help make each case more visually appealing. He'll upload those to our Drop Box folder.

We will meet again on Sunday, October 21 at 1pm to work on our respective tasks and plan out a timeline for us to follow as we move forward.