11.1.12 - Available Means Collaborative Project Update

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Our team has made some solid progress. We've collected assets to enhance components of the text. The authors of our text have also sent us color versions of the images to use in our iBook.

The authors are hoping to add some supplemental information to the existing text, so we'll need to think about how to do that. The Apple representatives recommended using Keynote to enhance one of our existing assets. We're also thinking of using Keynote to create a supplemental information section. We'll need to wait to see what the authors hope to include in this section and until we have these assets and the corresponding text before we can create this section.

Moving forward, Mike will collect several a few remaining assets and contact the authors for their opinions and approval on these assets.

Jillian and Abby will begin to storyboard layout options in iBooks Author. Jillian has collected possible templates for inspiration.

Abby is also going to work with Keynote to develop an enhanced version of one or two of the diagrams in our text. After working on this, she'll also contact the authors for feedback.