Ebook Haters

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The “lingering hegemony of print” is so persistent because the printed book has been in existence for an incredible amount of time. It is unreasonable for people to think that society should immediately switch to a different form. I have grown up reading printed books, and I have begun to feel the pressure for ebooks intensifying.

Personally, I would rather sit down and read a good printed book versus its ebook counterpart. That being said, I guess I would be a prime example to start with. To start I do not hate ebooks, I just prefer to read printed books. I have seen ebooks and the device to read them on such as a kindle, but truthfully I have never read a full ebook. Why am I so persistent as to not reading them? I feel like so much of our world is already converted to electronics. Television. Computer. Video Games. Movies. Cars. Phones. Am I allowed to draw a line where I do not want to deal with electronic devices? The answer is YES! I want to immerse myself in a printed book where I can decide what I think about it. I do not want to read another reader’s thoughts or highlighted areas. I want to form my own opinion about the material and not be persuaded to think something different.
I think the only solution to ebooks being more universally accepted is TIME. I believe that at some point in the future ebooks will be the common practice and printed books will be a thing of the past.



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I agree with you Rob. I think readers just need more time to accept eBooks. Paperback books are like an old habit that you don't want to change, and it makes it harder when you feel the pressure to jump on the bandwagon. I also was hesitant to join the eBook trend, but I finally did when I received one as a present and have only have only used it since. I understand that you want to form your own opinions, but the only difference in that area of the eBook and paperback book right now is that the Kindle allows you to see popular highlights. Usually, they show up only about three or four times in a whole book. At first I did not like this either, but it's nice to see what other people thought was important. It's just like going to a literature class at Clemson and having the teacher point out an important passage that you deemed insignificant and realizing the depth that it contains. It is helpful in that aspect and allows you to stop and think a bit before moving on. If you don't like the highlights you can always turn them off!
But I do agree that we just need time to accept these books. Anything that is new takes time to accept!


My parents use to always tell me don't have such a closed mind. This is most likely my problem with ebooks so today I broke down and downloaded the kindle app on my iphone. If I can figure out how to preview a book on it I feel like I will have made a huge step forward in the ebook transformation.

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Go on with your bad self and draw that line

I feel you on this one, we can say no to the ebook, if desired. Personally, I love the ebook after a few years of hating the concept. But, I agree with you on the knowledge that we have so totally become obsessed with digitalizing everything. Because of this, human interaction isn't nearly what it used to be. When's the last time you felt comfortable asking the bi-lo cashier how their day has been thus far? While this post sounds cheesy, I'm serious! As great as ebooks are, I fear the future of communication for the every day man. One thing is for certain, digital technology is effect our communication with one another to a certain extent.