Ebooks Good Enough?

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I chose to read the article about are ebooks good enough already. Honestly, i think the devices that have come out lately for ebooks are very advanced. These machines such as the ipad, ipod, kindle, etc... seem to be making ebooks much better and way more popular than they have been in the past. This being said, for the time being I believe the machines out have made ebooks good enough....for now. But I also believe that there is room for improvement not that I exactly would know how to do anything about but I am sure the scientists and technicians are already addressing.

One thing that would greatly evolve the ebook is the price of the machine to use them. I believe if they become cheaper that would spark an ebook revolution. I certainly would be more likely to buy one!



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The pricing issue is certainly important for ebooks. First, you have to buy a $100 machine. Then, you have to buy books to read on the machine. You also have to pay for an internet connection to get the books onto your reader. Luckily, you can get public domain books for free on the reader, but everything else is about $10/book. There's a high opportunity cost and actual cost for reading an ebook on an ereader. Sometimes, it seems easier just to get the book from the library.

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I agree that ebooks now are "good enough." Of course, they're going to evolve like the computer has throughout the past decade. There will always be room for improvement in anything that's out on the market. I also agree with Will about the price of the device. It's roughly $100, which is a pretty good price when comparing to other electronics such as the iPad. BUT you also have to purchase the books that go on the device which can greatly range, but the average price of the books I've recently bought is about $12 probably.

Technology Is What You Make It

I love what you said about e-books already being very advanced just because I recently saw the Google commercial showing a father and daughter keeping in touch via Skype or whatever and found its message, "the internet is what you make it," pretty inspirational. A lot of us are fighting the ebook wave but I guess the point is, it is what you make it. There are really cool things you can do with an ebook that you can't do with a regular book and you have the opportunity to find new ways to use them.

Going on a different tangent here: I went to the Spill the Beans in Greenville a few days ago and saw how they use iPads for their cash register. iPads for their cash register! it was crazy. The iPad was on this clear stand thing and when I had to sign my name, the cashier tilted the stand with the iPad in it so it faced me and I was able to sign my name with my finger. It had never occurred to me before that you could use an iPad as a cash register computer. and the whole thing seemed to work brilliantly! I guess that's my point. We have all this great technology, as you said. I don't know if we need to be focusing on making some new device or new version of ebook that will somehow trump the current iPads and ebooks we have. I think we should instead focus on taking the technology we have and learning what all is possible with it.