Fellowship of The Fowl

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Wow I would have never thought how much fun I would have with this project. I truly enjoyed creating my iBook. I am glad I got to do it on something that I am very passionate about and hopefully will teach other the benefits of turkey hunting. I ran into a few issues concerning videos and the correct format for macs. I was able to solve this proble by converting the files on a website I found online. With these being done, the book really came together and added alot more interaction with the reader. The videos helped describe the concepts behind shooting and calling much better than just regular text. Also a really cool feature is that the reader can hit the word for example yelp which the turkey makes and it will play the audio bit of that sound. Very cool! This way the reader can recognize that sound when he/she is in the turkey woods. The only problem I have now is uploading the iBook to Dropbox! Hopefully I can figure out how to get it on there somehow.