Giving When it Matters

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Acknowledging the obvious perk of O'Reily's work, it's freeness, I think its considerable to give the audience an easily accessible education. In fact, I believe that every software should come with some sort of how-to manual without cost. Shouldn't software creators understand that not everyone will know the ins and outs of said program; such works that help us uncover the short cuts, allowing for a better final product, should always be available.

Yet, that is not the case. O'Reily takes a plunge in giving the internet a free book but also champions the humans ability to create an ibook by allowing access to the tools needed to implement a successful work. He is acting like the generous giver that serves at a soup kitchen on Christmas eve instead of eating a hearty meal at home- these individuals give when it matters. Granting the wisdom to sore through Author like a wiz kid, O'Reily has outlined all you need to know to get your ibook where it needs to be.