Group Project Log: EPUB complete

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I spent a lot of time with the InDesign/EPUB versions of WPAOS and got it looking pretty dang nice. Here are a few of the issues I troubleshooted:

  • The Table of Contents, by far, gave me the most hassle. One of the issues was that the "Split" I inserted after the Chapter heading refused to be recognized in the EPUB; no matter what, the TOC insisted on flowing into the Copyright page. I managed jury-rig a fairly inelegant solution: adding a couple inches of space after the Copyright page ends, thus forcing the Contents heading into the right position... but only if the book is viewed at the recommended size (medium font, window sized to the dimensions of Cover Page). Another issue with the TOC was the fact that the original editors divided the contributor essays into thematic "Parts", which were not actually present anywhere in the book, and therefore would not appear in the Exported TOC. I inserted Part dividers manually (which led to a confusing Text Flow issue which Dr. B helped me resolve). My group felt it was important to make our revised EPUB version even more complete than the original-- this is one neat benefit of books moving to Digital formats, the ability to potentially revise errors without wasting money on reprints.
  • I struggled a bit with the Cover page until I realized that the EPUB Export menu has an option for inserting the cover image, which makes it look optimal. I like that the EPUB opens to a correctly sized window for viewing the entire cover-- if not, the reader can use it to resize their window for optimal viewing (as recommended by me in the copyright page, replacing the bit that says "Printed on Acid-Free Paper", [lingering hegemony of print?]). We hope that wasn't illegal.
  • The last issue which needed resolving was formatting the Index, which always had a few strange breaks in the exported version. We discovered that this was due to a particular Font/Paragraph style which was used for a few specific characters. This required a bit of manual editing, but was easy enough to fix.

I am quite satisfied with our final EPUB product-- I hope the original Authors/Editors/Contributors will be too.