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I wished we'd read the "Apple's iBooks Author: The iTunes of Self-Publishing Apps?" article much earlier in the semester because finally(!) I understand what we're doing in this class. Perhaps it was my lack of listening skills or my lack of technological savvy that prevented me from comprehending what we were doing up 'til now. By the number of questions I ask (about everything, not just what's going on in class), I'd say it's probable that I need fuller explanations than most, so maybe we can leave the explanation with that. All I know is that today's article hit me with something as loud and explosive and akin to Christmas as the Hallelujah Chorus.

Without a doubt, the article we read today is going to be my bible for the next month simply because it gave me my first indication of what all iBooks Author can do and what all we're expected to do for these collaborative and individual projects. I'm honestly wondering how I was ever able to submit a project proposal before reading this article. Because, really: how can you submit a project proposal for something you hope to design with tools you know nothing about? I'm finding out from this article what is and is not possible with my project proposal and how I might go about doing the things that are possible. Something I'm glad I now know?: that I'm going to have to copy my text into iBooks Author with it in PDF form to have it in the fonts that I want. Beyond that, not a lot of the article made sense to me, but it will. It absolutely will. And you can bet that I'll be reading David Girard's other article about Adobe InDesign too.



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I agree Emily! And I'm

I agree Emily! And I'm laughing right now. I understand iBooks Author a lot more after reading this article. I also finally decided to see if I could download it on my computer, and I can- FOR FREE! If you have a Mac, do it! I've been playing around with iBooks Author and have been seeing what the author of this article is talking about with the negatives and positives of the program.


I will definitely have to do that! I heard that you have to have OS Lion or Mountain Lion to download the program though. Did you have this before or did you have to download it? And if you did have to download it, did you have any problems with your computer's memory being wiped? Apparently some people have lost everything on their computer as a result of switching to Lion or Mountain Lion.