iBooks Author Simple and Frustrating

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iBooks author has some great features. 1) The interface is fairly easy to use. It looks similar to PowerPoint and employs mainly drag-n-drop for inserting media. Some of the automatic features like locking images and snaplines are surprisingly intuitive. 2) I like the formatting options available for images and shapes. Being able to change the opacity and layering is a nice option. 3) You can make a really nice looking book in a really short amount of time, no coding needed. (Although, sometimes the formatting doesn't translate as well as you think it will. . . .)

However, there are some serious drawbacks as well. 1) You can't re-order pages once you've flowed them into the text. You can re-order sections and chapters, but not pages. I feel paranoid that I'm going to forget some pages and have to start my book completely over. 2) When your iBook uses a self-made template, the portrait orientation on the iPad looks janky. I think that the more graphics you use, the worse the portrait orientation looks. I solved this problem by forcing the iBook to always use landscape. Lol. 3) Figuring out how to auto-flow the textboxes I had added to my own template was difficult. I had to troll through some Mac forums until I found the solution, which involved enabling the text to be edited, setting it as placeholder text, and tagging it. Way too complicated.



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Thank you for writing about the problem with re-ordering pages. I didn't even think about this not being possible, it seems like it should naturally be part of the program. I'll pay close attention before I load in pages (especially in Morte D'Arthur).