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My goal is to create a downloadable ebook that will guide primarily incoming students through Clemson University's campus. It can be used on guided tours, at orientation, or for finding out where your classes are. The secondary audience for the book will be to casual visitors of the campus who wish to have their own electronic tour guide.



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I like this idea Mike. I know

I like this idea Mike. I know when I came to Clemson my freshman year I downloaded an app that had a map of Clemson's campus. I could type in the building I would be going to, and it'd put a pin down so I could find my way there. I think you could greatly approve upon this idea though. The app I used was really simple. You could add pictures to help students and visitors recognize the building they are trying to find. You could include the type of classes that are in that building and even some history. I think you should elaborate on your proposal a bit more and add specific features you would like to have for this interactive eBook/ guide. Good idea though. I think it'd be a great help for visitors and students.

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Mike, I think it's a good

Mike, I think it's a good idea to hone in your audience. I see a guidebook for first year students acclimating to campus being very different from a guidebook for students and families visiting the campus to decide whether to apply/attend.

Other questions to consider:

  • What makes this guide better than a tour with a tour guide? What makes it unique and memorable?
  • How will people access this guide?
  • What interactive elements do you plan to use?
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Guide Book

I love the idea of having a guidebook to campus. It would be interesting if you made it more personal, including memories that you've had at certain places. Or fun anecdotes like getting cookout in the middle of the night or something funny that happened in a certain place on campus. Or even things to lookout for, like parking services etc.

I would check out what Carson was saying about the Clemson app. They already have a pretty good interactive map going and a few other features. You could make yours different with a personal flair for different places on campus and include more information like what certain buildings are used for (Lee Hall- architecture etc.). It would also be cool to have a specific guided tour feature. Like 3 different routes a visitor could choose and what they would learn from each one.

This will definitely be a cool eBook, plus there's so much history and material on campus for you to use!

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I think the personal aspect

I think the personal aspect Meagan pointed out would really set this apart from a generic, CU guidebook. This could be a chance for a student to see a real student's experience on campus, not just the Student Activities office's idea of a "real" experience.

Beginner's Guide

Great idea! I think you should definitely include a map of where everything is on campus, and then maybe have a kind of gps that will tell you the best way to get there by walking or by car. It would also be cool to include interesting things along the way to the place on campus, like historical buildings or future plans for the area (like the ASC would have been a couple of years ago). Other things you might be able to include would be like other people have said, history and descriptions of buildings. It would also be cool to include myths about campus, too, like the tunnels underneath campus (which isn't really a myth but still cool), or the myth that if you read the plaque under Thomas Green Clemson's statue you won't graduate. Other things to consider would be a list of important people around campus and their pictures, like the president, deans, and even star football players.