Individual Project Log: The Home Stretch

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As we head towards the showcase, I'm finishing up my Poe interactive short story. I was finally able to film the introduction last week, and it was interesting to say the least. I clothed myself in a sweater, turned down the lights, poured a glass of scotch, played a fake fire on YouTube, and spoke in my creepiest British accent. A creepy British accent > a creepy American accent. I was having some microphone issues, but hopefully I can clean up some of those problems in post production (they aren't too noticeable though).

I'm also adding YouTube videos into the iBook, which I know Apple will not approve, but will still add an interesting element to the story. Readers can click on the videos to see what they are reading, but only if they want to. These videos will be unobtrusive and out of the way. The same applies to the sound cues, which readers can click on if they want to hear some added element. I also darkened the color scheme, with a black background and white text. We'll see how it works.