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For my individual project, I would like to create a guide to success for turkey hunting in the south. One of my greatest passions is hunting for turkeys and over the years I have become very successful at the sport. I expect many of my classmates to be unfamiliar with this topic so my goal is to make it very interactive and easy to understand.

My plan is to create an interactive ebook that incorporates video clips, audio clips, quizzes, text, and pictures that will make the inherently hard sport easy to understand and learn. I have already written numerous articles on turkey hunting. I have also captured many hunts as well as record different calling techniques. I am very excited about the idea and hope that I can make it work.



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I love this idea! It's really unique, and I think it'd be a popular thing for people to download. I know my dad and brother would be all over something like this! I think the target audience could be avid hunters (with new ideas) and also beginners. You could also include an interactive target practice game in this guide. I don't hunt, but I think it'd be hard to follow along with just reading informative articles from the Internet to get all of the information you need since there are so many aspects to the sport. I think having it all in one location would make it easy for people to use and learn. You could get a lot of videos from the internet to create a compilation of instructions. Also audio clips for the different turkey calls would be helpful as well.

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I think this is a good idea, and I haven't seen anything like this done before. I can't say I would personally use it, but a lot of people would find it very useful. Maybe you can have it ready before Thanksgiving!

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carsonk & hmtanne, thanks so much for the positive feedback. i didn't exactly know how it would go over in the audience of our class, but i'm excited y'all thought it was a cool idea!

carsonk - i really like the thought about "avid hunters (with new ideas)." i could incorporate this very easily because the sport of turkey hunting has changed so much in the last 30 years. The book will be aimed towards beginners sort of like a dummy's guide to harvest a turkey. The interactive part will be very helpful because it will show live action turkey hunts which will show examples of the right and wrong things to do. i have videos that i have personally filmed along with audio clips and tons of pictures. With the help of those aspects the ebook will be impossible to misunderstand or become boring.

hmtane - i appreciate the fact you like the idea having never hunted before. My goal is for everyone (any skill level) to find the ebook useful and entertaining. Maybe a thanksgiving turkey lunch in class? hahah

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It's great that you're

It's great that you're passionate about the topic. Some questions that I think may be helpful are determining who your audience is. You mentioned that you hope for all skill levels to find this book helpful. Is that feasible based on what you're working with? If so, it almost seems you could give a quiz/survey at the beginning that determines what a person's skill level and/or experience may be. From there it could recommend that they begin in a certain part of the book. So novices could be directed to a "learning the basics" section. Those with more experience can be taken to an area that goes over more advanced skills.

If you need any feedback on what is and is not for the novices, feel free to ask me. I'm very unfamiliar with turkey hunting techniques.

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This is an awesome idea- I think it'll be very successful because of how passionate you are about the sport. I think all us 'novices' will be interested to read it just to see what it's all about. I like Abby's idea about the quiz at the beginning so the advanced users don't have to re-read what they already know.

Do you know how you're planning to section off the book? Like will there be a section on what you're supposed to wear? Guns? Different kinds of turkeys? Turkey calls? Or will it be divided up based on the chronology of a day turkey hunting?

I think it would also be cool if you included your personal pictures and maybe a map with the places where you can go hunting. Maybe you could click on the interactive map and it would show pictures of you hunting? I don't know too much about hunting, so I'd be interested to see/read about a step by step 'day in the life' kind of guide to turkey hunting. Can't wait to see your book!