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For my individual project I want to create an interactive scrapbook/travel guide of my backpacking trip/semester spent abroad. I lived in Genoa, Italy for 5 months and then spent several weeks backpacking. I would want to make a soundtrack to my semester and have the user be able to listen if they chose to while looking at all the places I visited. Instead of a table of contents, I'm envisioning an interactive map that allows you to "fly" between my different cities. As well as pictures and music, I want to include text and maps- almost like a travel guide. I kept a notebook while I was there of all the artwork I saw, museums I visited, good restaurants I enjoyed, fun bars, music clubs, beaches, everywhere really- so I somehow want to incorporate all of this back into my publication. I also sketched a lot while I was abroad so I want to include my sketches and have them user activated from some of the pictures that I will include.



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Meagan, I love this idea! I

Meagan, I love this idea! I would love to experience a city through an interactive iBook. This reminds me a lot of Berlin's recent anniversary celebration (500 years?). Anyways, the city set up digital stations throughout the city and snap codes that allowed visitors and citizens to explore different city landmarks through media. Your iBook is going to be a great way to experience something like this without having to even be there.

I love for the book to walk me through the city in a really personal way as opposed to a detached travel guide way. It sounds like you hav plenty of personal memorabilia/notes to include, so that shouldn't be a problem!


Sounds like an awesome trip Meagan. I bet you are really glad you kept notes about it. The interactive map table of contents is the best idea. I wish I had come up with that for myself hahah.

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This sounds like an awesome

This sounds like an awesome idea! Since you are including some of your sketches, you could also invite the reader/viewer, to sketch one as well. You could describe a restaurant, monument, or person and then provide a space for the reader to sketch what they think it might look like. Afterwards, they could compare their sketch next to yours or an actual picture. Also along with your personal reviews of restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches, etc., you could also include a widget that constantly pulls in the newest reviews of these places from a site like Trip Adviser. (I'm not sure if it would be possible, but I think it could be neat to see what others are saying about the different places.) Overall, this seems like a very cool idea!

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Thank yall! I'm excited to put it together actually. I want to make it an interactive travel guide with personal stuff. I was thinking of including ticket stubs and metro passes so people know what to look for. Also with tips that I wish I had known before hand.

Chelsie- The Berlin think sounds so cool- I was in Berlin for a few days on my backpacking trip and wish this had been happening then!

But yes Robert, I'm really glad I kept a notebook! I have also have all my ticket stubs which will come in handy I'm sure.

Laura- Thats's such a good idea. I actually used trip advisor a lot when I was there/would first get to a city. I would definitely want to link to that because it was so helpful for me! The sketching thing also sounds really cool.. I'm definitely going to look into how to make that happen, hopefully it's possible! haha


This is a great idea! I think it would also be nice to include cool facts about each area, as well, even if it didn't have to do directly with the city. For example, if that area of Italy had a lot of goats (I really have no idea which animals are common there), you could include some weird facts about them. Also, any major historical events that happened or any specific dialects used there would be cool to include. Another feature to include could be a loose itinerary that people could follow, going to the same restaurants and sightseeing places you visited. I definitely think that including things you wish you had done could be really helpful, plus maybe things that you did that you wouldn't do again. Also, if you could include a gps feature that has extra information or sketches pop up when the person is near that area in Italy, it would be an interesting addition.