Interactive Inventors: My Individual Project

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This semester, I will contribute a interactive version of Inventors Digest that may be read on the iPad. Using previously accumulated content, I hope to commit a selected issue that will incorporate sound, music, and possibly zoom and touch, etc to engage the reader far beyond the means of a tangible magazine. The ebook is the future! Since this magazine is geared towards the inventor community, I need to be innovative and forward thinking since my genre of readers is already experienced in innovation and design. I would love to develop sound when flipping or turning a page, digital animation (such as images correlated with articles can come to life when touched), and moving titles. Emphasis on the moving titles, I have big ideas! In short, I think this particular content opens up a plethora of design options. My main objective/question that I would appreciate tackling: how can I move the magazine forward and what tools should I use to get there? I foresee this ebook will be around 45 pages of full content and express innovative thinking through its interactive elements.



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Focus on similar ideas that Wired Magazine uses for its iPad version. That magazine would be a good measuring stick for the type of content and how it is integrated into the magazine. Are you taking an already existing version of the magazine and developing new content? I would focus more on the new and different content than moving text and animations. Of course, it would be great to have both, but the new content is unique to the medium.

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A question to consider since

A question to consider since it sounds like you're enhancing existing content is copyright. Will there be any issues with copyright violation? Will you need to get permission to use and publish it?

I'm not familiar with Inventors Digest, so am curious how the content is currently presented. About how many articles does each issue contain? Are they based on general topics or does each issue have a theme? If you can focus on a theme, even if the information involves unrelated articles, I think you may be able to create an interesting experience throughout your e-book.

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I don't know what type of materials that are available to you from the original publications, but do they have any videos of the inventions? I think it would be really neat to use the technology to actually show how the inventions work. I really like your idea for sound when flipping the pages. That will make it feel more like an actual magazine. I would be careful not to have too much going on with the moving titles and animations because I know that sometimes too much can distract from the actual content. This seems like great content for this project seeing as they are both innovative! I can't wait to see it all come to life.