Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log

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Work on the e-book versions of Dorsey Armstrong's translation of Morte D'Arthur is coming along smoothly. Our group intends to do an epub version as well as an iBooks Author version of the book. Both versions will have illustrations from the era that the book was written and from artists who've chosen to depict events from the story in more recent centuries. We aim to make both versions more colorful than the current print version and have considered making the headings at the top of each page the same bold red color as can be found on the cover of the print book.

We also hope to include thumbnails at the beginning of each chapter, little pictures that will help identify the chapter and add more vibrancy to the pages. Because we have the ability to make the iBooks Author version more interactive, we also intend to make the citations that appear in the margins of the current print edition link to a works cited page when clicked on in the iBooks Author version. We believe this feature will make it easier for the reader to understand the historical context of the story and Armstrong's work in translating it.

We hope to preserve the text and the current source formatting, recognizing the professionalism of the work that has already been done, but we also hope to make the reading experience more vivid and enjoyable by adding more color, pictures, and helpful features to the book so that readers can fully appreciate the text they are reading.