Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log 3

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Laura, Will and Emily emailed each other and decided to meet on Monday, October 22nd at 10:30am. For the meeting, each had decided to start collecting images and to read/skim their selected chapters.The group met and discussed their images and how to create thumbnails for each of their chapters. We reported the problems that had we had run into during the collection of assets for this project. We also started to assign images that we had found for each of the chapters.

One of the main discussions of the meeting involved the thumbnails that are going to be added to the beginning of each of the chapters. A lot of the chapters are about certain main characters and we are going to use the same thumbnail throughout the entire book for that character. This week we are going to work on selecting thumbnails for our chapters and to crop images of people to use as standards. At our next meeting, either Thursday or next Monday, we are going to gather our thumbnails together and decide which to use for characters. We will create a separate folder for our thumbnails in our dropbox for easy access. We have also decided to crop our thumbnails into squares so that our pages will be uniform.

We also ran into a several questions we need to ask Dr. Blakesley as we continue with this project. First, should we only be concerned with images that are in the public domain in the United States or do we need to make sure that the images are in the public domain everywhere? Since we are creating this ebook in the US, we figured we only need to make sure the images are in the public domain here. We also were wondering how to do citations for the images we are going to add. Lastly, we would like to run our ideas past Dr. Blakesley to make sure what we want to add is appropriate and what he is looking for. We started to brainstorm other ideas to add, including adding a red cross watermark on the first page of each chapter.

Will is going to look for more images, thumbnails, and pictures of swords, crosses, shields, etc. to add to the book. Emily is planning on collecting images for thumbnails and assigning other images to her chapter. Laura is finishing assigning thumbnails and images to her chapters and looking for a series of black and white drawings the group discovered. Everyone is going to start cropping images for thumbnails. Also the group decided on 3 storyboards/templates to use - chapter page, full page image, and half page image. The group will work on creating this storyboards in class this week.