Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log 7

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Our group met for the last time today before the Showcase on December 6th. Both the epub and ibook versions of our books are completed. Over the last couple of days, Will has finished linking (both ways) the references to the additional TOCs giving us 3 completely linked TOCs. Will is also uploading the final versions into the correct folders for the Showcase tomorrow. I have also added citations for all of our in-text images and a list of chapter illustrations that was added to the beginning of the book. Emily is writing up the showcase submission notes that details the features of our chapters, problems we encountered and any additional work that may need to be done before the books can be submitted.

Overall, our ibook contains images from several public domain Arthurian Legend sources and 3 linked Table of Contents. Our epub was successfully exported and has all of the marginalia references moved into the text flow. These margin references were a huge challenge to our collaborative project in both formats. When transferring this book to an e-reader format, these margin references have to be considered and, usually, individually changed in some way. Both versions of our book, epub and ibook, should be ready for the showcase tomorrow.