Morte d'Arthur Group Project Log 5

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Our group is making great progress on finishing the epub version of our book. We have styled the table of contents, added page breaks as needed, adjusted the marginialia box size, removed excess/blank pages, and added the cover image. At the moment, the only things left for us to do in our ebooks is to adjust where the margin boxes lie within the text. Each of us is taking our 30 chapters and moving the references to the older version to the beginning of the appropriate sentences. Laura is also removing the old page numbers from the table of contents of the older versions since these page numbers are irrelevant. After making these changes, the last thing we will need to do is create the metadata for the book.

Over the break, Will is going to start transferring our book to the iBook version. He is planning on placing the text and creating the chapters for each of the 90 chapters. After this is done, we will be able to go in and place our images for each of the chapters. We will also try to do some formatting as a group as well.