O'Reilly Unleashed

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Rather than write about the content of this resource, consider the fact that O'Reilly makes the book available for free, with no DRM (Digital Rights Management). What are the advantages for O'Reilly? For readers (besides the obvious, that it's free)? For the authors? Is a "gift economy" sustainable? Why or why not? Use these tags: reading response, gift economy

O'Reilly has really surprised me by making this ebook about iBooks Author free. For the past good many years, I have listened to Bill O'Reilly blab about politics in passing while I wondered why my Mom was listening so intently to what he was saying....safe to say I'm not the biggest fan. The man thinks he is God's gift to political views, but I am going to cut him some slack for this move. Probably the coolest thing he has done at least that I know of.

This is awesome for the readers because it is spreading the knowledge about how to create their own eBook for free. By doing this, more people are inclined to read it and learn from the text. The authors are gaining exposure and are portrayed as pioneers in this fairly new field. This gets their name out there which would be much less known if it was not free. Also, I am sure the O'Reilly publishing company through them a few bones for their hard work.

I do not believe that a gift economy is sustainable, but a free instructional book here and there at a wealthy man's expense can't hurt. This really helps a new type of invention that people are coming around to. So 3 cheers for Bill in helping educate people on the new age of eBooks and helping them learn how to create their own.