Print Fetishes

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I used to have a print fetish. And I still do, in a way. I love the way books look on my bookshelf and the knowledge that I've read, or at least started, almost all of them. I love having the classics in nice editions decorating my shelves, even though I can get most of them free on my Kindle. And when I get published, I want to have my book in hardback, not just on my Kindle. As far as publishing goes, I think a physical book just makes it more real, especially for a burgeoning author. They can wave their book around yelling "Look at me, I wrote a book!" instead of waving a kindle or laptop around yelling the same thing. It's the ultimate goal for authors, and being able to see and feel your own book hits home. Plus, physical books cost more than Kindle editions usually, so if people buy the paper version they are making more of a commitment to that book. Even if it's bad, they paid fifteen bucks for it so they're going to finish it. But if they only paid three dollars online? Forget that. Buying the paper version also gives the author a higher sense of accomplishment. After all, these people like the book enough to spend twice as much on it. It must be pretty good.