Project Log 1: Revised Topic Proposal

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After reading the comments on my original topic proposal, I want to stick with my idea and take the concept further. I really liked the suggestion to integrate trip advisor links and reviews into my epub. I used trip advisor and several other sites like it through out my travels to find my way around different cities. I also really liked the idea of integrating my sketches into the book and having the user trace along or draw their own based on pictures and panoramic that I include. I am also going to include the travel books that I consulted before traveling to help with the "tips" part of the book.

In addition to pictures, I want to scan in my metro cards, ticket stubs, coasters and other paper 'souvenirs' to include in my book. Maybe having the user drag the picture/card over a picture of where it's from to activate another feature of the book. I have several huge envelopes full of these that I need to start categorizing and scanning into the computer. I have all my sketches scanned and edited, but I need to type and categorize my travel journal and notes.

The only piece I'm somewhat disappointed in is the lack of videos I took while abroad. My DSLR does not shoot video, so I was limited when I did take them. I am going to use the youtube feature to integrate videos into my epub.

I'm definitely ready to get the ball rolling on this project. I feel like I have so many ideas and so much information; I'm definitely excited to share it with everyone!