Project Log #2: Tweaks

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I have began collecting images and other forms of media for my project. However, after I met with Dr. Blakesley, he suggested I narrow the scope of my audience in order to make it less comprehensive. He suggested I focus on a particular lifestyle or activity. He gave me the example of reading books. How can I create a fitness magazine for people who love reading books? How can this activity be incorporated into every aspect of health?

With his advice, I have been considering various ways to narrow down my scope. I have decided for my magazine to focus on heart health. I am an initiated sister of Alpha Phi and for our philanthropy, we support the Alpha Phi Foundation. Each year, the money that Alpha Phi raises goes to this foundation where it is then allotted to the research facility taking part in the most groundbreaking research. Since this is an important cause to me, I thought my magazine focused on preventing heart disease. This is how I plan to use this topic in each of the magazine sections in order to make it more focused:

  • In the fitness section I will include exercise that are proven to lower your chances of heart disease.
  • I will also have the food section which will provide the reader with foods that are healthy for your heart. These foods won't necessarily be recipes, just various products
  • Rather of a make-up section, I would like to include true stories of women who have had heart disease. There are many stories that are presented on the Alpha Phi Foundation website that I can use. I want to focus on the stories of young women.

I would like to cover this idea with Dr. Blakesly tomorrow in class to make sure I am now on the right track and that my topic isn't still too broad.