Project Log #3: Exploring the Content

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1) I downloaded iBooks Author on my own personal laptop last week. I have been exploring my options for my iBook.

2) Title page: So far, I have been playing around with options for my title page. I would like for the title page to mimic the look of a
magazine page as much as possible. I have started out with a free picture of Heidi Klum at an event to support heart disease. As of now,
the title of the magazine is "Women's Heart." I am going to keep brainstorming for a more creative title. On the title page, I am going to
include text boxes of little "teasers" for articles and features inside of the magazine. I have also included the issue date.

3) Intro Media: I didn't know there was a section on iBooks Author for "Intro Media." I would really like to include a video from the Alpha
Phi Foundation website that outlines the significance of heart health. I thought this would be a great introduction for my magazine to give
it more depth and significance. I sent an e-mail to the foundation asking for permission to use the video and if they could send me a file.
It is on YouTube, but I am currently unsure if I will be able to take the video directly from YouTube.

4) Part 1- The Basics: I decided that I will add another section to my magazine, which will cause it to become more of a pamphlet. This section will
cover all of the basics: How the heart works, facts and figures, heart disease information, and heart disease risk assessment. For the
portion highlighting how the heart works, I thought about the ability to use 3D images on iBooks Author (which I learned from the article
we read for class last week ("Apple's iBooks Author: The iTunes of Self-Publishing Apps?"). I would also like to include some videos to
ensure an easy understanding of the subject matter. The heart disease risk assessment is a little activity I could online. I am hoping I can
incorporate this into this section to create another interactive portion.

5) Part 2- Exercise: I am preparing to collect all of my assets for this section this week. My roommate is an avid exerciser, and she has agreed
to help me out! She often times does a yoga video. I plan to take some of her moves out of this video and use them. This video isn't just yoga,
it gets the heart rate up, which prevents heart disease. I will take pictures and videos of my roommate. This will be an easy way to ensure
copyright issues and make the work more of my own! I also have some connections to the Tiger Cub of Clemson and want to try to include
our mascot in a few images: Running, biking, other aerobic activities. This could just be a fun addition!

6) Part 3- Food: I found a website that has the top 25 heart-healthy foods. I would love to include each of the foods in a numbered list so it is
easy for readers to view. In addition to including these foods, I want to link them up to some recipes that include the heart-healthy food. For
instance, salmon is #1 on the list. I will provide the reason why salmon is proven to be healthy for your heart, then I will add some healthy
recipes for the readers to check out!

7) Part 4- Real Life: As I mentioned in my last project log, I want to include a section of real life stories and testimonials. For this part, I
will write my own content. I know two girls in my sorority who have been affected by heart disease. One girl is directly affected and the other
one has had family members affected. If these girls agree to an interview, I would love to type up their stories and display them in my iBook.
Also, if I decide to keep the same cover photo of Heidi Klum, I want to research her story and why she is an avid supporter of heart disease

I am going to continue to work on collecting all of my assets this week and finishing up a storyboard.