Project Log #4:

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I was planning to work on iBooks Author quite a bit over Thanksgiving break, but of course this did not happen with a large
family and a paper due today. In these next two weeks, I have a lot to accomplish, and I plan to start NOW! I have created a
checklist of things to do:

1) Make the video for the opening media into a usable file. Currently, it is a .wmv file, but Dr. Blakesley said he will be able to
convert this file using a computer in the lab. I will make sure to ask him about this tomorrow in class.

2) Continue to collect content for Part 1: The Basics. I've been working on this, but I've been getting too caught up in the little
details, and this is putting me behind. I need to simply continue to move forward.

3) For Part 2: Exercise, I need to get pictures and videos. This will not be too hard since I will be using my roommate as a
"model" though it may be time-consuming. I am getting this done within the next few days as soon as she gets some free time.

4) For Part 4: True Stories, I am going to message the two girls in my sorority who have a close connection to heart disease. I
plan to interview them like a typical news story and then compile a story with quotes, etc.

Hopefully this checklist will be completed by the end of the week, and I can continue to move along in this process!