Project Log #5: Taking Strides in Exercise

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I've made a great deal of progress in these last few days. Last night I was up until 3 a.m. working on this project! It has seemed
like every time I have attempted to work on iBooks Author before, I get frustrated like I mentioned in the last post. I saw "Mr. F's"
post about the 3D images. This is one area where I wasted a lot of time. I wanted to find a 3D, interactive image of a human
heart to include in the "Basic" section to help explain some main points. This search was unsuccessful after an hour. I also
explored the widgets. I was looking to see if I could download other widgets other than the basic ones that iBooks offers. I think
I'm just really confused about these little guys.

SO last night when I sat down to work on my project, I limited myself to an hour so I wouldn't get distracted searching for the
extras. I didn't work on it for only an hour though, it was more like four...

Here is what I accomplished:

- On Monday, I took pictures of my roommate working out. She does a daily workout video called "Yoga Meltdown" by Jillian
Michaels. I've had this video in mind all semester because it can be as easy or as hard as you want, and also all you need is a
yoga mat! It can be done in 30 minutes anywhere (house, apartment, etc!). I uploaded the various pictures and videos I took.

- Last night (Tuesday), I began editing all of the videos I took. For the warm-up portion, I decided to utilize the gallery widget.
I had taken a lot of pictures of various positions that will walk the reader through the exercise. I also did this for the cool down
portion. Next, I began working on each individual move; there are 8. For each of these, I had sufficient video footage so I decided
to use iMovie to create a little clip. Each clip ranges from 5-20 seconds. In iMovie, I cut the clip to get the best portion, muted the
audio, and added music. This took quite a while to do seeing as I've only used iMove once before.

After I worked in iMovie with the clips, I added them to their own page of the iBook. I then added tips in the lefthand column that
readers can use to better their movements. I also added descriptions at the top of the video that describe the move while the video
is there to help the reader along.

Thus far I have the exercise section completed. Tonight I plan to move onto the food section. I also plan to contact the girls I know
for the "True Life" portion and compile some interview questions.