Project Log Entry 2: Content Collecting

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Searching for content to put into my e-book has made me realize just how criminally deviant I am. I didn't know how hard it is to find pictures that I am legally allowed to use until I started working on this project. All of the resources that I typically use to find pictures (Google Images, deviantArt, Etsy, etc.) are now suddenly unavailable to me and the few that are available to me aren't a lot more helpful.

Did you know that if you search Flicker for commons photos, you get mostly photos that are only visible to the public? Not usable for the public, just visible. Generic photos you can find pretty easily but my problem is that I was planning on taking the original (albeit translated) Grimm's Fairy Tales and basically making an automated DK version of a few of them, complete with fact-based pictures and informative captions about the places being described, the customs in Germany during the time of the stories' setting and during the time when they were written, all those good things. But that "premise" requires that I use photos specifically of the forests in which these stories are allegedly set. And it's hard to find pictures of forests at all let alone pictures of the Black Forest in Germany (not sure they were supposed to be set there yet). I can view plenty of awesome photos of the hairy pigs native to Hanau on Flicker but can't move them to my Dropbox folder without illegally Command-Shift-4-ing them.

So my biggest problem at the moment is finding the—shall we call them “artifacts”?—I’m going to need to make my e-book be an automated educational guide to reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I haven’t met with Dr. Blakesley yet to discuss this but hopefully when I do, he’ll have good suggestions for me.

**I was able to find the stories I'm going to be using pretty easily, thanks to Project Gutenberg!