Project Log Entry 3: Researching the Brothers Grimm

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Doing a lot of research on JSTOR and other scholarly sites for the three stories I will be "enhancing." So far I've found a lot of content on the Grimm brothers themselves and their collection process. Apparently, they edited their stories over and over again until the final edition of Grimms' Fairytales was published in the 1850s. I'm going to have to look at what edition of the stories I've gotten from Project Gutenberg and potentially explore how they're different from those found in earlier/later editions. A lot of the work I now have to do involves deciding what captions/random facts I will be putting in the margins of the stories to give the readers the full explanation I think they'd like. I want to talk about sources, evolution of the tales, and the tales themselves i.e. what kind of horrible animals might Hansel and Gretel have encountered in the forest they were lost in? I've got some work to do. Be looking out for a lot more individual project logs from me over the next week. I will be making up for lack of logs very soon and in bulk.