Project Log Entry 5: Das Ende

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After spending weeks researching the Grimm brothers and searching for public domain images and other media to go along with what I found out, The Enchanted Grimms' Fairytales is finally complete. And surprisingly, putting it all together was much easier than I expected. Although I was terrified earlier in the semester that I would have no idea what I was doing when it finally was time for me to begin putting content in my iBook, the actual making of the iBook went smoothly. I undoubtedly owe it to the selection of articles Dr. Blakesley had us read. Whenever I had a question about how to do something in iBooks (and I had several), a quick perusal of Nellie McKesson and Adam Witwer's "Publishing with iBooks Author" clued me in. By reading the layout and widget sections of their book, I was also able to learn some tricks that helped my iBook appear a little more flashy than it would have otherwise. Now knowing what I'm capable of doing with iBooks Author, I do wish I'd created more video content for my book. At one point I said I'd like to have videos of the characters enacting the story in the margins of the pages. I'm not sure exactly how I'd go about doing this but I think with some effort I could pull it off. Although I was able to meet my goal of creating an illustrated reference book of some of the original Grimm's Fairytales (a la the kind Dorling Kindersley publishes), I do wish my iBook had been more "enchanted" per se. Perhaps I can work on developing a truly "enchanted" collection of fairytales in the future.