Project Log: Pianos and Panoramas

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I have been neglecting my individual project in favor of my group one in recent weeks, but I made a significant amount of progress over the weekend. I have finalized the overall layout of my iBook, so all that remains is to fill it with as much content as possible. I still have need of a few specific photos that I will probably try to shoot myself this week before the showcase. I have written a good deal of original prose for my book, but it will be difficult to complete the story in a staisfactory manner by the end of this semester. I enjoy writing fiction, but the time it takes to compose something that is coherent and somewhat clever is rather unpredictable. Due to the fact that this iBook is primarily designed to serve as a proof of concept, the story really isn't the most important part, but laying out all the different clues in a logical order requires at least a rudimentary plot. Due to the historical nature of my subject I have probably done more research than necessary in order to make the Mystery of Clemson's Lost Gold into a somewhat believable conspiracy. This is an appealing aspect of designing an iBook tailored to a specific area: I can play with the lore of a region and blur the lines between fiction and reality.

The main issue I am having right now is although I have a good handle on inserting the various widgets I am working with, I am unable to preview how they look in the finished product without an iPad connected. I will check how they appear on Tuesday in class and make final edits if necessary (I hope they're not necessary).