Project Log Week 10: Starting iBook Author

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I’ve started to put my story into iBooks Author. The first couple of times I sat down with the program, I was quickly frustrated but now I’m getting the hang of it. The one feature I am using the most is the bookmark option. This is how I am creating choices in my story that can link to different areas in the book. It is also allowing me to create a bar at the bottom to keep track of which choices the reader has made so they can return to any part of the story if they would like.

By finally putting my story into iBooks, I have discovered that I need to select and find a few more assets, particularly for my cover and chapter pages. In order to get around the TOC, I am putting in 2 versions of my story. One that is Choose Your Own Adventure and one that is the original story. Both will have multimedia content (if I have time).

I had a few issues as I was rearranging the layouts to create something that was original for me to use. At the moment, it could still use a few more tweaks and design elements, and as I think of them, I am applying them to my story.

The main thing I would like to be able to do is to disable swiping on some of the pages (forcing the reader to make a choice). I’m not sure if this is a possibility but I need to look into it in order to determine this.