Project Log Week 11: Continuing with iBooks Author

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I'm still working with iBooks author with my book. I have about a quarter of my text in it with corresponding images, sounds, and videos. I've also set up a lot of my bookmarks and the bar at the bottom that will keep track of where the reader is in the story. I've had to go back and find more images as I notice large gaps in my story but this hasn't proven to be a large difficulty. I still need to make a few things in Illustrator, like the cave where you can listen to the different choices. I am also trying to remember to tweak and sharpen all of the images I use in Photoshop before placing them in my story.

I'd like to show my progress to Dr. Blakesley and get feedback on what he likes and doesn't. I'm also unsure of how to cite my images, like if I can just do it at the end.

A major thing I still need to do is find images for the cover, TOC, and chapter pages. I'm not sure what I want to have in these areas. I'm also struggling trying to figure out a color scheme for the book.