Project Log Week 13: Making Changes

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I think over the next week I will finish placing all of my text and initial assets into my iBook. I need to spend some time refining the layout and color scheme. Since I use a lot of bookmarks, I will also need to spend a fair amount of time checking all of my links throughout the book. I have also yet to choose an image for my cover, table of contents, or chapter pages. Once I finish placing the text and assets into the iBook, I hope to send it to a few people in order for them to "test" out and check for mistakes (with either links, spelling, or grammatical issues). I also need to check with Dr. Blakesley in order to see if I have enough assets.

I've run into some roadblocks that have caused me to make changes in my book. I have decided not to make mazes in my iBook since this does not seem to be a possible feature. I've also discovered that having a sound play upon flipping to a page is not possible as well. I have been able to keep a feature at the bottom of the page that keeps track of a reader's choices. The only setback to this feature is that I am making a lot of duplicate pages. In the end though, I think this will be handy to readers.