Project Log for Week 4: Turkey Takes Shape

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The peer review comments were extremely helpful in devising a format for my ebook “An Interactive Guide to Turkey Hunting.” The fact that everyone in the class knows so little about the sport gave me some terrific ideas that I had never thought of. The best idea I read was the quiz at the beginning of the book. This quiz could act as a starting point for the reader. Based on the knowledge of the reader, the quiz will then take them to the section that they should begin on. For example, if a reader knows absolutely nothing about the sport they will likely end up at the very beginning which explains the clothing, calls, vests, and land that are best suited for turkey hunting. A more experienced reader might be able to skip to calling lessons, shooting tips, or hunting strategies.

After the quiz, the book will be so informative that after reading it a novice could be able to try the sport for himself. Major parts of the book or chapters might I say will be split up among the major aspects of turkey hunting. The gear will be where I start off because without this you cannot even begin. After this maybe advice on what type of gun and how to accurately put it to use. Types of calls and calling lessons will be a vital point. I will explain this by script as well as audio and video clips. Next will be hunting strategies and how to wrap up what we know about turkey hunting thus far. I believe that I will aim the book to a novice audience since that what our class seems to be. Wrap the book up with a great hunting story which shows success and the joys of turkey hunting along with a video of the hunt.