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My individual project is going to be an iBooks version of The Uses of Grammar by Rodby and Winterowd, published by Parlor Press. The text uses a rhetorical framework to discuss a range of grammar/usage topics.

The interactive elements of the iBook will include audio recordings, live video recordings, Camtasia video recordings, review quizzes, and HTML5 widgets. All of the digital assets will be created specifically for this project using volunteer actors and creative commons media. The HTML5 widgets will be created using Tumult Hype.

The target audience for this book is college-level grammar and linguistic students. While the text is already in use in some classes, the iBooks version of The Uses of Grammar will broaden text's appeal.

This iBook will be innovative because it tackles a subject not commonly considered ripe for electronic interaction: grammar. While e-textbooks are becoming more popular, these texts often cover subjects such as science and math. The Uses of Grammar is a unique opportunity to show the possibilities of interaction in English.



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I think this is a great idea

I think this is a great idea Chelsea! I know I always struggle to read and keep up with books similar to The Uses Of Grammar. An interactive version would be very helpful and engaging. I think you're taking this project a step further, and it'll be great! What kind-of video and audio recordings are you planning on doing though?