Revised Topic Proposal

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I'm going to stick with much of my original idea, a children's book that I wrote a while ago about a raindrop going through the water cycle for the first time. I really liked one of the comments that directed me to an app that is created specifically for creating largely picture-oriented content like children's books. I'm going to look into that for sure. As far as the content goes, I want to include a lot of sound and visual effects such as the sound of rainfall and wind when appropriate, dialogue being made available to listen to, and ripples where the raindrops meet the water surface. During the rainstorm, I also want the child to be able to tap the screen and create thunder and lightning. After the storm I'm going to let the child move the clouds away to reveal the sun. I think that creating an interactive element to each page will keep the child engaged and will teach them about the water cycle without making it seem like work.