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For the individual project, I’m interested in creating an interacting “eMagazine.” The type of magazine that I’d like the mimic is one similar to Women’s Health, Prevention, or SHAPE. With the genre of a magazine, I could incorporate many different interactive tools into the various articles. For example, Prevention magazine includes various sections such as health, weight loss, fitness, food, and beauty. For the fitness part of the magazine I could incorporate instructional videos or interactive diagrams for different stretches and exercises. In regular magazines it is difficult to follow the diagram and actually to the exercise correctly, but with a video or some interactive diagrams, it would be easier to understand the workout. Another idea I have is for the food section. I can include healthy recipes and give readers the ability to have an interactive recipe in some way to make it easier to follow along. Also for beauty, I can include products that are featured in the magazine and have it link to various sites that carry to product or similar products. These are only a few of the ideas I have. I am excited to see the capability interactive eBooks have and to come up with some more ideas for my “eMagazine.” My overall goal is to make the magazine more interesting and more user-friendly.




Sounds like a great idea to me Carson. I think the diagrams will really help people understand the workouts more clearly.

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I love to see some

I love to see some interactive or animated free-weight and ab moves! Lol. I can never tell from the pictures and descriptions exactly how the moves should go. I'm afraid I have bad form!

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I think including how-to

I think including how-to-videos would be a great aspect in many sections of the magazine. I always mess up the workouts, so they would be helpful there. But videos where someone cooks the recipes would be nice. Or even a series of images showing the key steps. I would also love to have a how-to-video on the makeup tutorials. So many magazines have pictures and steps on how to achieve certain looks, like smokey eyes. I for one never seem to be able to match the look and it would be good to be able to do it along with video.

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I wonder if you could also

I wonder if you could also add a calorie counting app along with the fitness section? It puts everything in one place.

Also, for the recipes, since I live on my own, I'm often stuck with too much food. And leftovers of the same think for a whole week can get boring very fast. I hate when I have to do math to only make one half or even one fourth of the recipe. Could you include a way to determine how many servings you want for the recipe and have it adjust accordingly?